Hi, first i need to download a good compiler, what can you recommend me? I always used dev-c++ but in windows 8 don't work, it gives this error: "gcc.exe: Internal error: Aborted (program collect2)".

Well, i need to get content from json files to make a sql sentence, insert into.

How there are too much links, i have to use a bucle to generate the links.

int id = fopen("ids.txt"); // load a txt with 64775 numbers and use them as bucle one by one up to 83086

while(id<=83086) // not sure how to count 1 id per line.
    std::string url = ("http://site.com/dir/%i", id) // need i some library to do this?
    // don't know what to do now :(

There are some json parsers but i don't know how to use them...

Any help please?


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i need to download a good compiler, what can you recommend me?

Download free VC++ 2010 Express or newer -- vc++ 2012 will be released when Windows 8 is released, but you can get prerelease version now for free.

You might also try Code::Blocks with MinGW. Dev-C++ doesn't work most likely because it hzas an old version of gcc compiler. CB is a better IDE and has current version of gcc.

std::string url = ("http://site.com/dir/%i", id)

That is c++, not c. C does not support std:string class

json parsers
I know nothing about it.

The link you posted discusses the ToJSON function -- this function is a T-SQL function, and NOT a C/C++ function.

You will be able to call the ToJSON function only from within SQL Server stored procedures and functions, and not from C/C++ code.

For your purpose, I think JsonGlib would be more suitable. Have a look at this link: https://live.gnome.org/JsonGlib

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