Okay so here's the thing...I came across a code of my classmate that i'm not familiar with...the only thing i know is the printf is the same as cout...right??can someone explain this in iosteam.h form??

#include <stdio.h>

void bubble_sort(long [], long);

int main()
  long array[100], n, c;

  printf("Enter number of elements\n");
  scanf("%ld", &n);

  printf("Enter %ld elements:\n", n);

  for (c = 0; c < n; c++)
     scanf("%ld", &array[c]);

  bubble_sort(array, n);

  printf("Sorted list in ascending order:\n");

  for ( c = 0 ; c < n ; c++ )
      printf("%ld\n", array[c]);

  return 0;

void bubble_sort(long list[], long n)
  long c, d, t;

  for (c = 0 ; c < ( n - 1 ); c++)
     for (d = 0 ; d < n - c - 1; d++)
        if (list[d] > list[d+1])

          t         = list[d];
          list[d]   = list[d+1];
          list[d+1] = t;

I was effin surprised that this code worked in my Turbo c++ 4.5 compiler...i'm really not used to this kind of coding...Note: I understand the loop but the printf, scanf,%d...etc....please explain further..:)

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wait i think the only thing to explain is....scanf("%ld", &n);....i dont get it...


wait i think the only thing to explain is....scanf("%ld", &n);....i dont get it...

%ld is used because the datatype is long.

in c++ u can directly use cin>>n;


This is basically a C code. cout = printf() , cin = scanf().
Other things are basically same, but some are different for example in C we use malloc(), calloc() to dynamically allocate memory, in C++ we use 'new'. To use these properly you need to learn C language.
For furthur info, visit daniweb C forum.

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