i am new in visual basic 6 so please help me.. this is the problem..we are asked to create a file in the MSexcel of a 5 rows by 5 columns..after that we are going to create an application to VB on how to open and save file using our file in MS excel..in the VB we are going to display in their the 5 x 5 arrays and their columns and rows totals...please i need ur help..thank u..

In vb6, add a reference to Excel object library...

Open a workbook -

Dim objExcl As Excel.Application
Set objExcl = New Excel.Application

objExcl.Workbooks.Open (Your path to excel file HERE)
objExcl.Visible = True

Now add some data to row and coloumns...

objExcl.ActiveSheet.cells(1, 1).Value = Whatever Data Here