sorry for my english but im really so desperate. This is due next week monday, and i don't know what do to or even where to start. Our professor didn't explain this homework , she just gave us a photocopy problem, we dont have any reference to look at. soo i hope you guys can help me.


a.) Some of characteristis of a book are the title, author(s), publisher, ISBN, price, and year of publication. Design the class book that defines the book as an ADT.

Each object of the *class BOOK* can hold the following information about a book; title, up to four authors, publisher, ISBN, price, year of publication, and number of copies in stock. To keep track of the numbers of authors, add another instance variable.
Include the methods to perform various operations on the objects of *Book*. For example, the usual operation that can be performed on the title are to show the title, set the title, and check whether operations a title is actual title of the book. Add similar operations for the publisher, ISBN, book price, and authors. Add the appropriate constructors.


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You need to post the code you are working on and ask specific questions about the problems you are having. If you are getting errors, please post the full text of the error messages.

but, i dont know how to start the problem.

Do you have an idea what classes and methods are and how should they work?

no. we have just started in one and two dimensional array. :(

Let's start with the basics then, you need to learn a few things first before you start coding
I suggest you head over over to the java tutorials and read about classes, to learn the gist of things, here's a link
Once you have a clear understanding we can start tackling the coding part, feel free to ask questions here if you get stuck somewhere

the topics classes and methods are not related to two dimensional arrays, so whether or not you don't understand those yet, doesn't mean you shouldn't understand the others yet. remember, we don't know the order in which those topics are taught in your course.
since you've been given that assignment, I must assume you've seen enough to deal with the issue, so go over you course notes again.

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