Would anyone know of a reporting toolkit library for C++ which can be compiled as part of a project.
It will need to be ablue to display tables, display charts and be printable through a printer.
Preferabely free though I haven't been able to find any at all. The closest thing I can find though is Xport which only generates reports in HTML (not good for printing). It's pretty close to what I need though.


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There are all kinds of html to pdf converters on the market, and a PDF is eminently printable.

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There are all kinds of html to pdf converters on the market, and a PDF is eminently printable.

Thanks rubberman. I've been thinking along this line as well. I just need a toolkit library which will allow me to build reports with both Charts and tables or individual text fields. If I could find one of those, which converts the report to HTML or XHTML as Xport does then I would certainly use your suggestion for sure.

If anyone knows of a toolkit library as I've described it would be very useful here.
Thanks for coming back.

Well, you can use something like gnuplot to generate charts and graphs, and there are development toolkits such as Qt that are great frameworks to build tools that generate graphical tables, text forms, etc, and can easily pipe the data into gnuplot or gimp for more technical graphs. Qt is available for both Windows, Linux, and some smartphone operating systems, as is Gnuplot (I think) - not so sure about Gimp - it is mostly a Linux tool. Anyway, here is a link to Linux business intelligence and reporting tools: http://www.linuxlinks.com/article/20100101053947560/BusinessIntelligence.html - most or all of them are open source.

Does it seem totally out of the question to use a PDF library directly? Can anyone see any issues with that. Like Podofo or Haru? OR, am I forgetting something here?


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