I want to make level editor in which I want it to have three buttons CreateNode , Reset Node

Create Node - It will add node in screen
Reset Node - It will reset all the links from the Node

And when the node is created on window if I right click I can set to which Node I want to connect ...

I want this reference for dfs search
i.e. {1,2},{1,3} i.e. 1st Node is connected to 2 and 3 ..and so on ...

When I am done with making tool I want it to make xml file or text file ?

How to start with this tool ?

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Do you need to make a GUI for that? take a look at this:

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yes i do need to make GUI ...any good example for this QT ?

how will I make UI or render UI only with VisualC++ ? I did not get ? I am noobs to rendering UI?


yes i do need to make GUI ...any good example for this QT ?

There you go.

There is also a Qt-Visual Studio plugin, using which you can write Qt code within Visual Studio[i.e including designing your forms.

To just get a feel of what Qt looks like, here is a video:

In fact there are lots of videos showing simple examples. You can have a look at them.

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