Hello again, I have been posting consecutively in these days nearly same topics, actually I am intern at a sofware company and our company ask to perform the proof of conception about sending voice call -at the beginning-
and finally video calls, like walkie talkie application; as you have already seen that I take the problem step by step and I reported the codes my chief -now I transfer .wav files between 2 emulators but just for one time which is also problem for me already posted another thread -thanks a lot for other posting- now I am asking to is it possible that -or classes that already defined in java library- sending voice calls stream mechanishm without recording any files i.e. .wav format .pcm format, from one emulator to another emulator in java? if it is possible where should I start; if it is not possible which language should be preferred, in particular for android phone applications ? My chief told me that maybe Qt will be used to reach android's own stream classes

Please help me,

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When you send a file it goes in two stages
1. You read the file into an array, one block at a time
2. You write those blocks to the socket
... similarly at the receive end.
If you don't have a file then the data will be in some kind of buffer/array in memory, so you just skip step 1 and write the array to the socket.

Thanks Mod, I decide to not working files, I manage to send serializable objects n times between two android emulator, I will post something relevant topic, probably,
thanks again.

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