Hi all

Just looking a creating a possible java or jsp based messenger for a web site. I have tested java based lan messengers, p2p messengers and even openfire+spark+smack instant messaging, XMPP (also called Jabber) which I admit I liked a great deal.
They say dont try re-invent the wheel ect but if I wanted to go global and my messenger program was popular then I would prefer that it was mine to do with as I pleased.
Its a general question and I am basically thinking aloud but would welcome any input in how to create such an application and any ideas members might have.

On yea different topic but had an issue trying to reset an old username password I had on this forum just gettting a woops error nothing here lol!

Anyway appreciate any feedback

Thanks in advance!

new_zal (aka zal almost 4 years)

Maybe use sockets?
then have a client and a server.


  • Parser class that interpets different symbols (like :D as a smiley face icon)
  • Different commands like: kick, ban, mute, etc.
  • Admin status? only admins can ban, others have to vote to kick
  • Different ranks, mod, admin, etc.
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