Hello All,
First time poster, long time reader and thank you for all the previous help I have recieved from everyone. I am having trouble conneting to my access db. I think I have the bulk if this right, but I am getting an error on the newconnection.open() line. I am not sure why, can anyone point me in the right direction??

thanks in advance

 Private Sub BaleCutLogButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles BaleCutLogButton.Click

        Dim newconnection As New OleDb.OleDbConnection
       Dim addstr As String = "INSERT INTO `ADCBaleCutterLC` (`Old Formula`, `Newe Formula`,`Raw Material Name`,`Raw Material Number`,`Batch Number`,`Performed By`,`Preformed by Date`,`Verified By`,`Verified By Date`) VALUES (add1, add2, add3, add4, add5, add6, add7, add8, add9)"
        Dim addnewcommand As New OleDb.OleDbCommand

        addnewcommand.Connection = newconnection
        addnewcommand.CommandText = addstr

        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add1", OldFormulaTextBox.Text)
        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add2", NewFormulaTextBox.Text)
        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add3", TextBox1.Text)
        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add4", TextBox2.Text)
        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add5", TextBox3.Text)
        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add6", TextBox4.Text)
        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add7", TextBox5.Text)
        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add8", TextBox6.Text)
        addnewcommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("add9", TextBox7.Text)


        MsgBox("Account Created Successful")

    End Sub
End Class

dah, I got it
forgot the connection string and the open statement was incorrect :( geez no wonder this stuff takes me soooo long.