i have issue that i cant solve for some time since i dont fully understand regex.

How can i get selected data from table to array?

class="fb s10" title="Get This Info">
class="fb s10" title="Get That Info">

How can i extract
Get This Info
Get That Info
from selected part of table as is to string array

So goal is find full thing in

class="fb s10" title="  



Thanks in advance

I need it to look for full code >>> class="fb s10" title="
and return whats in title ""

class="fb s10\" title=\"[^<>]*\">

i found that few minutes ago - should work
http://gskinner.com/RegExr/ shows that its selects it so i just need to replace things outside with string.Empty

Will try later today

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Got it and it works

\bclass=\"fb s10\" title=(\w*)>?\W\w*\s\w*">

Link to regex

Issue solved!

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