I wrote a server class and a client class. again i wrote 4 different JFrame class which were connected with each other and some Puzzle game codes were written on this classes. I want to add those classes with the server. and want to play those games from the client. how can i do this??? if anyne help me, i'll be very gratefull. :)

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Step 1: Try to arrange your code so that there are the smallest number of classes and methods that the client needs to call on the server. You may want to create a new class that just acts as a "wrapper" for the server classes/methods so that everything the client needs is in one place (or maybe it's already like that?)
Step 2: Use Java RMI to be able to call those server methods from a client anywhere on the network.
You'll find loads of RMI tutorials and examples on the web. Just be aware that RMI was improved around Java 1.6, so earlier tutorials will be out of date. If they talk about "compiling stubs" then they are out of date.

Thanks for your information :D @James

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