Ok so basically I want to know how I can paint multiple items to the screen without using all of my laptop CPU power.

I was thinking that it may be possible to arrange the items as a bitmap and then paint that bitmap to the screen but im not entirely sure how to go about doing this so would value any help that can be given.

Thanks in advance for your replies

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When you say items, what exactly are you referring to?

Are you painting multiple pictures, shapes, controls, or just a pallete of color?

Well basically i'm looking to make a basic game engine as a test and then rewrite in Java or something once i've learnt it.

It's just going to be a simplistic mario style 2D interface so it will have a static background image, a foreground layer made up of various different blocks to walk along etc and finally a sprite which moves around the screen.

Was just wondering if there's a cheap way to render all these images to the screen.

You might want to research using C# for game design.

Will allow for a little better memory management than vb.net offers.

Here is a basic winforms game.

Hope it helps

You might want to research using C# for game design.

I'm only using VB.NET as a proof of concept, just so that I am able to understand how to go about writing this game. Once that has been done I will be rewriting it in java.

I only want to know if theres an efficient way to draw items to the screen.

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