I'm trying to have my program find duplicates in an array of strings, and if it finds one, it swaps the duplicate to itemamount - 1, adds +1 to the WordAmt for that word, and moves the loop one spot down. I just am not sure how to properly do this. Everything works up to the swap function, which swaps as intended and lists all the words in alphabetical order. I just need all duplicate words to properly be swapped away and the WordAmt for that word to be added.

void sortArray(WordStruct Words[1000], int itemamount)
    int indexMax, j, first;

    for (indexMax = itemamount - 1; indexMax > 0; indexMax--)
        first = 0;
            for (j = 1; j <= indexMax; j++)
                if (Words[first].Word < Words[j].Word)
                    first = j;
        swap(Words, first, indexMax);
            if (j > 0)
                if (Words[first].Word == Words[j].Word)
                    swap(Words, first, itemamount - 1);
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If the change to itemamount are expcted to be retained after the function returns, it needs to be passed by reference.

Lines 13 and on - Will j ever not be indexMax + 1? If it's indexMax + 1, it's greater than 0. Hence the test on line 14 is always true.

I'm seeing a swap on line 13 regardless of whether things are already in order?

What's the algorithm of this sort, in detail, in words? Clearly it isn't working, but if I knew what you were trying to do, in detail, I could perhaps figure out where the code is not obeying the algorithm.

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