Was not sure where to post this, but let this a go.
I m on my final year. And I have discovered in myself a passion for programming in C and started learning it but it is all in a beginning stage. I really bored of Java or I just don't feel satisfaction coding in Java anymore. But problem is that most of my course work uses Java. My 4th year project is in Android client for webservices, but so far it is hell a lot of time debugging and searching answers on stack overflow forum rather than learning:\ I don't have enough knowledge to work full-time as a C programmer after graduation. So keep searching for work in java and java web development just to earn money to keep me 'alive'.
Look forward for your thoughts and suggestions. Have you ever encountered similar situations in your life?

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yea...opposite for me tho..
i sticked to the one i liked..
i liked developing games...so i started java :)
and liked it

these situations in life really need some thought

personally, i think tht the language a coder decides on affects alot of THAT coders life

cuz thats wat they live on...

Have you ever encountered similar situations in your life?

What? Prefering one language over another ... ofcourse; however, building a tool box of languages is key when looking to be fluent in industry. Knowing what language is suitable for which task is a very important skill to develop.

Great stuff here. Thanks for all of your input.

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