Hi everyone just wanted to ask:

1) How to transmit captured data through the internet from point a(sender), then get it to point b(receiver) in steady but fast format? "probably simmilar to Http or voip and close to ATA voice adapter without to much coding and hardware involved"

I think it sounds vague but what i simply want to do is to tunnel the data to another palce in real time with the most basic and simple way of doing it to communicate with two different places.

2) a C program to caputre data from any port source or usb source. the rceiving end will grab the data and put it back on the same port or usb source. this assusmes both ends have internet connected already.

I have a background on C programming but very rusty as i did not really do a lot of programming.

thanks : )

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You need to do socket program to send/receive over the internet. Exactly how it's done is operating system dependent, e.g. MS-Windows see turotials for winsock, for *nix there is POSIX sockets. There is lots of into on the net about both which you can easily find by googling. Hardware isn't much of an issue with sockets, your program could care less that kind of hardware is used, such as wired or wifi or what network adapter.

without to much coding and hardware involved"

There is a lot of programming required in C language. Its a little easier in c++, and I think easier yet with CLI/C++ (a .NET language).

I think I would go for the windows OS to test my idea. then maybe go linux or android for later versions.

1) @ ADragon, so the area to focus on "in whole" is winsock and google the idea on the internet right?
2) @ Rubberman, i'll have a look at that book and get back to you asap

Thanks guys: )

Hi guys read that book a bit, yes it does tell you what you can do to connect with http so it kinda help. Im stuck with the second part though which is how to capture data from a port source and manipulate it. I had a few info about 1) http://ffmpeg.org 2) http://www.live555.com 3) http://www.datastead.com/products/tvideograbber.html all of which seems mind boggling to me. any of you familiar with them?

Im thinking in the way of when we used to capture the reading from a potentiometer and the values were showing up on our screen as we move the resistance up and down, very old time ago with floppy disks that we used to save this projects.

so with that im thinking the potentiometer input is almost the smame as the signal from the port source interfaced with the I/O of the computer. grab it them send it to the server for streaming. any ides on how to really get this thing started?

anybody out there?

You can learn Socket programming to do that. And probably linux OS will be right to do this job. Take a look at Beej's guide.

The coding will be diiferent on windows OS. It rquires the winsock library. See this and this for winsock application.

Use google for further information.

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