Please help me. After I compile my application, and I install it on another person system. Everything work fine. But, access database is in read only mode. So the program could not update or save to database. Please , I don't know what is happening. I have to get this thing working. Is there any thing that will be join to the connection string to the database into write mode....? •̸ŤђαϞĸs so much

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I don't know what the target system is but it sounds like an access rights problem. It could be that the folder containing the database is restricted to read only. Or it's possible that the database file itself has insufficient access rights. You could try taking ownership of the file or nake the file available to everyone. The easiest way to do this is to open a command shell (cmd.exe) as Administrator, navigate to the folder with the database file then type the following command (replacing dbfile.acc with the actual database file name)

cacls dbfile.acc /e /g everyone:f

the /e means "edit" the existing access rights instead of replacing them
the /g means "grant" the following access rights
and everyone:f means everyone on this computer gets full access


Just continuing with the very good Reverend Jim suggestions, also, in the case the file has the readonly flag set, remove it using the line command ( cmd.exe), then navigating to the folder where the database is located an using the
attrib -r dbfile.acc
Instead, if the database is being accessed through a shared folder, ensure that the sharing permissions are set to everyone full access.

Hope this helps.

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