to start with c++, I got to know

what is required to be added for starting c++ builder in a system where visual studio is installed

If I understand your question, C++ Builder and Visual Studio can coexist on one system. All you need to do is install both, then pick the one you want to use.

I would thank u for the reply. But what i actually wanted to know is

visual studio is already existing and can be used for building c++ programes. In addition to it is it essential to install the whole C++ builder, compiler, debugger etc to run c++ or any simple steps other than whole installation of c++ can help this.

Visual Studio is an integrated environment. When you install Visual C++, you get the compiler, debugger, and linker that are required to turn C++ code into an executable program. Nothing more needs to be done unless you want to use different tools than the ones that come built in.

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