hey everybody , anyone can help me by some ideas as design and coding to calculate the Labour Productivity ??
i have the labour type stored in combobox and the salary as input to DataGrid view and
accomodation , Social Security , overtime, Sick day, Dayoff, Transportation....

how i can start off coding , any idea please ???

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have clear thought what the software should do for you. And then have the design and then go with coding. Dont jump to code first.

i really dont know how to start this , the software should calculate the labour productivity ....

Can you please define what is labour productivity?. And what all you have so far? I mean the database and its structure, etc...

labour productivity what is an empolyee produce per day and per year , the input should i have is : estimate month salary, social socurity which is equal 16.5 % from salary percentage , day off equal 1.5 % from salary , overtime = 2 % from salary and so on thess shuold be calculated and save in Result field,

my database is sqlserver , i have table for that which save the field enterig in data gridview from form but i dont know how to calculate them.

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