Basically I have a Delphi application which downloads some data on run time, it basically executes Form.OnCreate; and then ENABLES a TTimer component to do the downloading. This has been working fine for me as at least the user sees the interface whilst it's loading but now I have a problem.

I am trying to update the FormCreate so it has a loading icon like this:

I have already created about 9 images for my own loading icon and I have it animated using ANOTHER TTimer component which is also enabled in the Form.OnCreate BEFORE the downloading TTimer. But the problem I have is the loading icon just freezes whilst it is loading/downloading and only starts working AFTER the downloading/loading is finished, making it completly useless :(.

Can someone help me to have a smooth loading bar like that at the same time it is downloading? Is there a certain way to create these things?

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You probably need to do the downloading in a separate thread, so the main thread (which displays the icon) is not blocked by it (or use a different asynchronous method of downloading).


Thanks for your fast response pirtaeas, I thought TTimer was a simplified way of using multiple threads but I guess I'm wrong? Or maybe it's just not powerful enough. I guess I'll have to give the complex way a try.

Have you got any neat tutorials for multithreading for starters?

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I'll have to look, don't remember any. If you google "Delphi threading" you'll find plenty examples.

TTimer runs in the main thread unfortunately.


Thanks pirtaes, got it working like a treat now and I've even started programming with multithreading :D. You truely are a ledgend on the DaniWeb Delphi forums :D.


Lol, thanks... actually I think currently I am the only one trying to answer. Hardly any competition for legend status ;)

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