Please am a final year student in a university studying Bsc Information technology. am about to start my final year project and i need some titles, please feel free to suggest any title, weather it a project you have done before or not, please i need your support to select my project title. thank you

how on earth are we supposed to propose a title, if we don't even know what project you're going to do.
if you mean: tell me what kind of project I can do, there are several reasons why we shouldn't, but common sense should help you figure that out.

Maybe a bit harsh, stultuske?

Probably the most important thing in chosing a big project is that it should be something you're actually interested in and know something about. I might want to build a wine database, but maybe you would rather do a badminton league / knockout competition application. Only you can answer that part.
Similarly, you should aim the Java technologies towards what interests you most - database? distributed applications? advanced GUIs? Ditto.
The best way we can help is when you have thought about those two questions. If you post your alternatives or specs or design ideas here then people will help criticise and refine them.

thank you very jamescherrill, i think i did not use the righty word i need alot of topics then i can choose one work it. please if you have some topics please you can give me. thank you

harsh ... don't know. I know there are times I come out a bit harder than I mean to do, but

choosing a topic imho is part of the assignment at hand. I don't know his curriculum, so I also have no idea what's supposed to be in his tasks. I don't know his professor either, so I don't know what that person is expecting for a good project.

I don't know his deadline, nor whether it's for him personally or for a group.
that's a lot of variables. In every Java group I am active, I see quite the number of "provide me with a topic for my final year project".

IMHO, final year project means you're about to step unto the job market, and should be able to know what to do and how to do it with the resources he has. sure, it's just my opinion, but still...