Hey there!
I am a new student that wants to be a GOAT of Developing, I don't know anything about Java.

But by watching I downloaded Eclipse IDE for Java Developers but don't know how does it work :D
I have also downloaded Java Program or Files from http://www.java.com/

Can you just tell me how to get started?
I followed some tutorials but stuck on first line that they include some plugins or libraries, Where do I get it?
Firstly I want to make a simple calculator but there was something called "swing" what is it?

Please help me set environment for Java Developing and I will find my way ahead, Also Should I use Net Beans or Eclipse?

-Thanks, Dev.Waleed

EDIT: What is Class in Java?

I suggest that you start with a simple editor and use the javac and java commands in a console window before learning how to use an IDE.
See the tutorial about how to create some simple programs: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/getStarted/cupojava/index.html

When you are able to write, compile and execute some simple java programs, then chose an IDE.

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If i were you i would 1st get my hands on a web design program, for example: Dreamweaver. Now 2nd. get your hands on a HTML, java, CSS etc book example: Learning Web Design and that is how i would get started with it, you gotta know the other basics to know java.

hopefully this was of some help unless i completly miss understodd the question ( i am a n00b yeah.. )

if you are a beginner, ignore Swing.
Chrizur: it is possible (even better) not to use illegal software. the JDK is free for download, so are the most used IDE's.

anyway: I'm with NormR1 on this. if you're just beginning, use the command prompt and a simple text editor. an IDE will just "hide" a lot of the tasks you should be aware of. you won't learn how to decently develop applications, you'll just learn how to use that particular IDE.

Chrizur: I know Web Developing very well and never used Dreamweaver for it,I did all my work on notepad++,

How far have you got now?
Have you installed the JDK? If so, that's all you need for now for ordinary Java development. You don't need any other plugins or libraries. A programmer's editor such as notepad++ would be useful but not essential.
Did you follow the tutorial link Norm gave you? (This is the one for Windows command line).
Have you created and run the "Hello World" app yet?

Yes, I have created the "Hello World" app using that tutorial.
I have also installed the NetBeans, Can I work on Java simply using Notepad++?
Also, What is class in java? and How to see the finished result of our work cause "Hello World" was showing in NetBeans window, I want to make a calculator firstly, So any tutorials for that?

that's one of the reasons why you shouldn't start with an IDE right away.
notepad (even the basic one), the jdk and command prompt, that's all you need to write Java applications.

if you are just starting, like you say you do, drop the IDE, start with a book and start from the beginning, also the parts explaining concepts without code.
if you don't know what a class is, it's impossible to explain it, since: a class, is ... well, a class. I don't think it can be explained much easier.

every file you create <FileName>.java, which you compile, is a class. Of course, there's more to it (could be an interface as well, for instance) but that 'll all be more clear if you follow a book.

the fact that your output is shown inside netbeans, is because you use netbeans, and netbeans is designed to handle the input and output "within".