I got a sirious problem .
I need to build a little program , that will download a file from the internet and showing the download's progress on a progress bar or something .
Now , a very good thing you can do for me ( since i am a totall noob ) is to please write the program with its objects and all , and send me the VB's files so i can keep editing more stuff ...
Very big help ,
in advanced/
Warden .

Well, if you have a sirious problem, you may want to contact their customer support here: http://www.sirius.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Sirius/CachedPage&c=Page&cid=1019257316790, or get a hold of "Car Tunes" and have them install the module you need. As for your program, I would suggest using the internet transfer control, and get the file. You might have problem getting the progress of the download this way, since it only offers you 1 event (the statechanged event) which isn't very helpful, but you can read more about the control here: http://www.garybeene.com/vb/tut-inet.htm.

The other two options you have, are to use sockets (winsock, or be wise and download catalyst socketwrench) which will give you the greatest amount of control (where you can update the progress bar byte by byte, or by amount of data read from the socket). While this offers the most power, and is probably the best solution, it requires a deal more knowledge, and a pretty big understanding of the HTTP Protocol. Headers and Requests, etc, etc.

The only other option I can think of (based on controls) is to use the Microsoft Internet Control, Which is basically a sick way of embedding internet explorer into your form. You add the control to the form, and it loads a web page. If the file you want to download is on a web server (which I have been assuming all along that it is) you just make the control go to the specified URL, and it should behave just like a web browser, and you can make it auto-download the file. If you are NOT talking about doing this through a web page (meaning the file you want to download is NOT on a web server), then you are looking mostly at sockets, and understanding protocols. Let me know what you come up with.

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