Im getting double free error's from this? Why?
2d array standard implementation. any clues?

  int **m = malloc(5 * sizeof(int));

  int i,j;
  for(i = 0; i < 5; i++)
        m[i] = malloc(5 * sizeof(int));

        for(i = 0; i< 5; i++)


in line 1, it should be


you have to allocate memory for a int pointer, not integer. try this. ;)

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A good trick for avoiding this type of mistake is taking the size of the destination pointer rather than hardcoding the type:

int **m = malloc(5 * sizeof *m);
m[i] = malloc(5 * sizeof *m[i]);

This works because sizeof doesn't actually perform the dereference, it just evaluates to the size of the result as if had it been performed.

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