A retail company must file a monthly sales tax report listing the sales for the month and the amount of sales tax collected.  Write a program that asks for the month, the year, and the total amount collected at the cash register (that is, product sales plus sales tax).  The sales tax is split between the state and the county.  Assume state sales tax is 4 percent and the county sales tax is 2 percent.  
If the total amount collected is known and the total sales tax is 6 percent, the amount of product sales is calculated using the formula:
S = T/1.06      where S is the product sales and T is the total income (product sales plus sales tax)
The program should display a report similar to 
Month:  October
Year:      2008
Total Collected:         $ 26572.89
Product Sales:            $ 25068.77
County Sales Tax:     $     501.38
State Sales Tax:         $   1002.75
Total Sales Tax:        $    1504.12

Start by opening the comiler's IDE. Then add #include <iostream>. You can continue from there.

Here is your program

float s,t,ps,cs,ss,tt;
char month[25],year[6];
int main()
    cout<<"Introduce the year :";cin>>year;cout<<'\n';
    cout<<"Introduce the month :";cin>>month;cout<<'\n';
    cout<<"Introduce the total ammount collected :";cin>>s;cout<<'\n';
    cout<<"Total collected\t\t"<<"$ "<<s<<'\n';
    cout<<"Product Sales\t\t"<<"$ "<<ps<<'\n';
    cout<<"County Sales tax\t"<<"$ "<<cs<<'\n';
    cout<<"State Sales tax\t\t"<<"$ "<<ss<<'\n';
    cout<<"Total Sales tax\t\t"<<"$ "<<tt<<'\n';
I give you a C for using iostream.h and global variables, and not using strings
Do you get his grade now?
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