I need a help with this Java project. And please note that Iam not try to cheating to complete this project,my teacher is give the permission to use any source to help do this project and I'm not plagiarism I will give the credit to the source code in this project, I just need someone to show me a start on this project

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I don't know what your professor said to you about this, but the attachment is pretty clear that you are to do your own work! Sorry, no help from here until you make an honest effort at it. Read the instructions - they are abundantly clear. If you don't understand them, then contact your professor or teaching assistant for help.

when your teacher tells you you can use "any source to help you"
he first of all means: a source to HELP you, not to do it for you.
also, most likely, the kind of sources he talks about are:
* Google
* the Java tutorials
* your coursenotes
* any Java textbook
* ...

The last couple of sentences make it pretty clear that he does expect you to do it.

Regardless of what your prof may or may not have said, DaniWeb Member Rules include:
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