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but I'm nub sooo, what is compiler flag? how to set it up? there multiple choice, so where should I start? Or should I just switch to IDE(Code::Blocks), the C++ Primer recommend me to use command-line interface compiler and compile it 'manually'. compile this kind of ways really cause a lot of mess...

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but I'm nub sooo, what is compiler flag?

It's an option added to the command line invokation of the compiler. Right now you're probably only using something like this:

$ g++ myprogram.cpp

But you can add a huge number of options in the form of flags. For example, to only compile the code and not link it into an executable you'd use the -c option:

$ g++ -c myprogram.cpp

And then to link it into an executable separately from the result of the previous invokation, this:

$ g++ myprogram.o

Compiler options will take the form of either -<option> or --<option>, and you can find a complete list of them here.


so, it seems that I need to use the line everytime compiling certain code.

what about the changing PATH enviroment variable?

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