I am writing a program that is a multi-form inventory program for a bookstore with data saved in a textbox.

Here is what I need to do:

  • Write a menu-driven multiform inventory program for a bookstore with data saved in a text file.
  1. Each record of the text file should consist of 5 fields—title, author, category (fiction or nonfiction), wholesale price, and number in stock. At any time, the program should display the titles of the books in stock in a listbox.

  2. The user should have the option of displaying either all titles or just those in one of the two categories. The user should be able to add a new book, delete a book, or alter any of the fields of a book in stock.

  3. The adding and editing processes use the second form, frmDetails. At any time, the user should be able to calculate the total value of all books, or the total value of the books in either category.

  4. The menu item File contains the two second-level menu items Save and Exit. The menu items Display and Values each contain the three second-level menu items All, Fiction, and Nonfiction. (Note: Store the data about the books in an array of structures.)

I attached pictures of what it needs to do and what I have so far.

Please start me off on where I need to go code wise. I wanted to attach code but I really have no idea where to start.

Thanks so much

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you already asked this on the VB.Net thread which are you using

Dear it batter to use just MS Access then VB 6 to develop your Inventory soluction becase it has both database and VBA capabilities. I have also designed an commercial application In MS Access if you then email your request.

Hi Sir. Based on your screenshots, it seems that you are using VB.net in developing your application. This is a Vb 4/5/6 forum. :)

Anyways, I think you shoul decide first what are you going to use (VB6 or VB.net). Is my understanding is correct, that you are using text file in storing your records? If yes, I would suggest for you to use some kind of database (MS access, MySQL, etc.) instead of text file. That way, it would make it easier to manage your inventories. If I'm wrong, disregard my statement, ;). Code wise, I think you should start with the basics like adding, updating and deleting records. Hope this helps.

Poster does not even answer, seems like a dead post to me. :)

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