I could use some help with ideas for test values on a pseudocode project for my IT class. I do not want answers only assistance Thanks

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Need more information about what you want. Test values depend on what the (pseudo) code does.

. I will have to post the pseudocode in a bit on the run this afternoon appreciate the help

input x

if (0<=x and x<49)
    output"You fail."

else if(50<= x and x <70)
    output"Your grade is"x
    output"You did ok."

else if(70 <=x and x <85)
output"Your grade is"x
    output"You did well."

else if(85 <= x and x <100)
output "Your grade is"x
    output"You did great."

output"How did you do?"

Thank you very much That was incredably helpfull

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