I asked my professor for help and we came to the conclusion to add void credit and void debit yet im still having compiling error.

#ifndef ACCOUNT_H
#define ACCOUNT_H

class Account
Account( double ); // constructor initializes balance
/* Write a function prototype for virtual function credit */
/* Write a function prototype for virtual function debit */
void setBalance( double ); // sets the account balance
double getBalance(); // return the account balance
void credit( double );
void debit( double );
double getDebit();
double balance; // data member that stores the balance
}; // end class Account

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
#include "Account.h" // include definition of class Account

// Account constructor initializes data member balance
Account::Account( double initialBalance )
// if initialBalance is greater than or equal to 0.0, set this value
// as the balance of the Account
if ( initialBalance >= 0.0 )
balance = initialBalance;
else // otherwise, output message and set balance to 0.0
cout << "Error: Initial balance cannot be negative." << endl;
balance = 0.0;
} // end if...else
} // end Account constructor

// credit (add) an amount to the account balance
void Account::credit( double amount )
balance = balance + amount; // add amount to balance
} // end function credit

// debit (subtract) an amount from the account balance
// return bool indicating whether money was debited
bool Account::debit( double amount )
if ( amount > balance ) // debit amount exceeds balance
cout << "Debit amount exceeded account balance." << endl;
return false;
} // end if
else // debit amount does not exceed balance
balance = balance - amount;
return true;
} // end else
} // end function debit

// set the account balance
void Account::setBalance( double newBalance )
balance = newBalance;
} // end function setBalance

// return the account balance
double Account::getBalance()
return balance;
} // end function getBalance

Please post the compiler errors.

22 Account.cpp no void Account::credit(double)' member function declared in classAccount'

29 Account.cpp no bool Account::debit(double)' member function declared in classAccount'

Please format your code so we can follow/read it

I am not seeing an #endif at the end of your Account.h file

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