hello on some examples, if the user presses F1, the help file comes, how do i create a .help file, is there a components for that

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I'm going to link you here, but it's my advice that you don't do it that way. I don't advise using the "windows help." like you see in some programs. I suggest that you build your own. As the world starts to become more comfortable with and more in tune with the web, people who don't even know how to write e-mails, or send instant messages, or understand anything about the internet, understand how to surf. Hell, even windows is forcing people to get the feel of being on the web all the time, by using active-desktop, and making web-pages their backgrounds.... Even apps that have no business on the net are becoming, or have already become net based. So, my suggestion to you, is to use the microsoft internet control (which is basically a web browser that you embed into a form), and make your help files HTML files. Then, when someone wants help (they press F1, or whatever), it loads the new form (with the browser) and navigates to the HTML files on the hard-drive. Here is the link, however, to something that may help you if choose not to take my advice: http://www.helpscribble.com/vb.html

Also here's another that may be more clearer in understanding. I was able to create a Help file within hours.

Pretty clear, and makes all the links, and hierachial indexes.

http://www.danish-shareware.dk/soft/shelpm/index.html [Denmark site but English is 2d language to that country]

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