As a first part of really using Windows Azure I'd like to use C# running on Azure to verify the license code of
a program I'm about to issue the upgrade for.

I'm planning on porting the whole thing to the cloud, but to gain experience I'd like to license the next version using the cloud.

Any pointers anyone...?

What I really don't know (among many other things) is how to interact with the WEB programatically from a
Windows MFC Exe...

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Can you explain how your program is going to interact with the cloud? It will be easier to make a statement if we know what is happening between them.

On Azure you have webroles, worker roles, databases, storage and queues. All is easily accessible through the SDK. Next to that I can really recommend the Training Kit. Full of samples to get you started.

At startup (on the Windows machine, from my Windows Exe) I'd like to make sure that that the license code is valid.

Just as an exercise for myself I'd like to use the cloud to do that, if that is not an idiotic thing to do.

I imagine a C# webrole connected to a Storage Table with a list of valid activation codes. If codes get sold illegally or credit card fraud is found I'd remove the appropriate activation code from the table.

I KNOW there are other ways of doing this, but just as a tutorial to myself....

  1. You can make a web service (which connects to storage) which you can call from your program.
  2. You can connect to the storage directly from your program (no need for a webrole).

1.You can make a web service (which connects to storage) which you can call from your program.

So a c# program running on the cloud which I call from my Windows program running on a Windows machine?

But technically how would that work, how would the Windows program request the C# program for information? Do you know of any examples of this?

Not a C# program, but a service. If you create a service (asmx or svc) and put it in the cloud, you would get an URL with a WSDL specification. You can import this into your project, and all available functions will be generated for you. You can then use them in your project to access the data. There are examples in the training kit.

Ok, thanks, lots of acronyms for me to find out about, but at least I now know where to start looking.

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