how do we use barcode scanner scanned data in our java program .is there any class which can help me.

actually you can download the barcode scanner API or SDK from the manufacturers website

if you install an barcode scanner, you can have tutorial and samples there to teach how to use barcodes and scan barcode data<URL SNIPPED>. or you can google for class,pretty simple.

Most scanners generate ascii strings of the code, so basically you only need to open the port and use normal stream I/O to gather the data.

this question is almost a year old and the OP never returned, so I think it's safe to say she won't read any future replies.

hello, It really depends on how you want the barcode scanner to connect to the system later on.
There are scanners that just use keyboard emulation. In that case you don't need to do anything (just make sure the right input box is active when expecting barcode input). Other scanners connect to the system through a serial port emulation (for example, there's an USB to serial driver for Symbol/Motorola and Datalogic gun scanners). In that case, you open the serial port in Java and get scanner input as serial data. To simulate this, you'd have to connect your PC to another PC using a cross-over RS232 cable and could then use Hyperterminal/Putty/[whatever there is on linux or other OSs] to send data to your PC over the serial cable.

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