How can i add a menu and make it to appear on all forms within that project? I remember that 2 years ago i was able to do this with VB6 however with VB 2010 i am unable to do this currently.

Right now i added a Menu Strip on all my forms by copy-paste however i want to find a better solution so that when i add a new menu item all the menus on all forms update.

I hope someone can help!

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You can do it on two ways.
1. you create a MDI form with a menustrip and add all your forms as MDI childs
2. You create 1 form with a menustrip and inherit all your forms from this form.

so assuming you have created a form named "BaseForm" with a menustrip
then all your forms would be like:

Public Class SubForm
Inherits BaseForm

End Class

Ok if i use your way i get an error however:

Error 1 Base class 'BaseForm' specified for class 'frmAfternoon6pm' cannot be different from the base class 'System.Windows.Forms.Form' of one of its other partial types. C:\Users\Constantinos\Desktop\Psychological State Tracker\moodtracker\Psychological State Tracker\frmAfternoon6pm.vb 5 14 Psychological Mood Tracker

Of course the BaseClass have to be inherit from System.Windows.Forms.Form
Public Class BaseClass
Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form

End Class

Thanks for the help, it now works perfectly!

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