What is the component called in a GUI ?
I am designing an application where I need to show certain usernames besides along with the points they have scored in a game.I don't want to do it in a table.I want to use the component shown in the picture below.But I do not know its name.And yes,is it available in Java ?

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No,not the Combo Box. I am referring to the table like view with the sorting option.It is kinda table but without the lines for the rows.They also have the expand or shrink option like a little <-|-> at the border of each field.


So what's the functionality of the arrow? Is it a selection? If so, you could implement a table cell to use a combo box (selection), so it is a part of the table. It is all about how you compose components together in the rendering.

PS: JTable also allows you to resize each column. Not sure what <-|-> means...

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