I have created a project in c#.net. At the time of implemenation it require framework and updations which become a headace, i want to remove this .net nature from my application. I mean to say i want to embed the dll libraries with the application so they become independent of frameworks.. Is there any possible way? Thank you for your precious comments in advance.

There are some software products that claim to do this for you. I've never tried them as I'm not spending hundreds to avoid something that you don't need to avoid.

No, there is no easy way to do this.

Most windows PC's ship with some version of the framework pre-installed as it is so common. So I would generally put up with the five minutes it takes to download a re-dist of the latest framework.

The only way to do it without as Momerath said is third party software (who sell their licenses at $1995 each) and/or using unsafe code.

every .net application needs .net framework .SO the MSi you create or give can have setup to go to internet and download prerequisite framework or you can add frameowrk files there in setup . rest you cannot remove framework .So make your set up folder has all prerequisite files including framework ..