As a student of computing you have been talking to the owner of your local corner shop. Having found out you are a student of computing, the owner of the shop has been talking to you about how she manages the stock / inventory control in the shop. She believes that automation of the inventory control in the shop would result in a number of benefits.

She would like you to produce a feasibility study for the proposed replacement of her current paper based system with an electronic information system. You have decided to advise her how she could proceed before committing to a full systems development project.

The system will focus solely on the management of stock; everything else is out of scope. It will not include:
• Sales system
• Accounts system
• Personnel system

i have to produce a report with capture report ( Interview(opened-ended question,closed-ended question and probing question),Questionnaires ,Document Analysis and Observation )

anyone who know how to do ?????

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