I wish to save and retrieve image in access 2007.
in our search module , if employee number typed, it could retrieve all information of the employee including the image saved in database(?) if this can be happen?

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There are two ways of doing this.

You can save a path to the image


You can save the image into the database (As a blob)


You can save the image into the database (As a blob)

how to do that? can you give me a code about that? i'm such a beginner in this matter. thank you~


You are not asking for vb.net related material, just Access help?

If so, I can flag your post to get a mod to transfer it to the correct forum.

Or perhaps I am misunderstanding...

From my experience, it's easier to define a field for a string that contains the path to the file.

This will keep the database from having to pour over Blobs to retreive data.

This can be done by simply performing an insert.

"INSERT INTO table(column1,column2,column3) VALUES ('name','address','C:/Users/paoi00/myPic.jpg')" 'Of course you will change the path to the true path.

What language library are you using?

Jet, OleDB...?

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