My current project involves a 2003 Access db and I have now upgraded one of my machines to Access 2007. Before I upgrade the other I'm wondering whether there are any significant issues with my present VB.NET code that might render it 'broken'.

Are there any connection issues I should be concerned about?

Any other considerations I should be aware of before I move forward.

Obviously, I have backed up the Access2003 db before did ANYTHING!!

Thanks, looking forward to some good news :)

There are quite a few issues with 2000 > 2007, but with 2003 we only had a few missing controls some forms in an MDE application.

We lost small stuff like a drop-down calendar and a text box off of another form.

Here is a decent article you can read as well.

Thanks for the response and article but I'm not as concerned about controls/forms/security as I am about connectivity.

I'm already seeing issues with the correct 'provider', JET version ???, etc.

We had to upgrade from 10.0 to 12.0 when we upgraded. We are doing some basic inserting/deleting from table and running some queries.

As far as provider, is it a connection string problem?

See here.

Yes it was a connection string issue and I resolved it by simply upgrading the provider to ACE 12.0 yesterday. All seems fine now but still wonder what's the next issue coming down the tracks:(

Right now I'm checking in the correct function to Compact & Repair the database.

I took us a good week to iron out all of the problems.

That mde has been phased out though. We replaced it with a .net application 4 months later.