Hello everyone!
Another question pertaining my homework question

I have a user control called Course which contains a maskedtextbox for users to enter in grades and a listbox to show the letter grade for the numeric grade they enter. I have 6 of these in another user control, while the radio buttons enable/disable depending on which button is pressed. I'm having trouble getting the numeric value in the maskedtextbox.

        If Convert.ToInt64(Courses1.NumericGrade.Text) >= 80 Then
            Courses1.LetterGrade.SelectedIndex = 2
        End If

I tried to do the above to get the input as an integer but I'm having no luck.

What kind of error Are you getting?
And the code above is in the user control Courses1 cause if so you might have to change in to Me instead of Courses1

I'm not getting an error its just that lets say I enter in 90, the selectedindex won't go to the proper letter grade(it doesn't change at all). The Courses1 depicts the amount of courses that are enabled at that time. My user control ProgramChoice contains 6 user control of Courses

There is nothing wrong with the code you posted maybe you problem is in other place in your code
can you show me the code so i could try figure out what is the problem.

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