You are working as a software developer in a company named Blue Moons, Inc. Your
team has been assigned the task of developing software that would assist the users to store
and retrieve personal information. According to the requirement specifications, the
software should provide the functionality to store contact details of various people. It
should also enable the user to store the details of meetings and appointments. In addition,
the software should display reminders to alert the user for meetings and appointments.
As the software is required to assist the user for storing and retrieving personal
information, it has been named as Personal Assistant.

The Personal Assistant software should be designed to meet the following specifications:
 When the application is executed, a menu with the following options should be
 Contact details
 Meetings/appointments
On selecting either of the preceding options, a submenu with the following options
should be displayed:
 Add new record
 Delete record
 Edit record
 Search record
The Contact details option would enable the user to add, edit, delete, and search the
contact details of various people. The contact details include information such as
name, address, phone number, and email address.
Similarly, the Meetings/appointments option enables the user to add, edit, delete, and
search meeting/appointment details. The meeting/appointment details include
information such as date of meeting/appointment, time, and location.
Note: The address book and the meetings/appointment details should be stored in
separate files.
 When the application is run, reminders for the meetings/appointments scheduled for
the current date should be displayed on the screen.

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Was there a question in there somewhere?

Sorry, but our required compliance with the guidelines of the National Organization for Computer Homework Excellence Authorization Treaty prevents us from providing you the information you are requesting.

are developing the application?

thats pretty easy stuff, its just the basics of C# there should be no problem with you doing this exercise.

most assignments are made based of your current learning status in the course that you are attending.

am trying to put it to gether, but i can't. Hw do i write to text file, cos am already working on it. I wrote a code to accept name and print, but cnt make it store d names in a text file. Dats my problem nw.

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