I learnt to create a exe file of a project from this link

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The app that i am creating requires a database...i.e, it has a login form which verifies the data entered with a ms access database...how do i include that database file in the exe??? to create a complete installer...pls help me guys... :(

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  1. Create database in MsAccess.
  2. Make it password protected if required so that anyone cant see user details.
  3. Complete your coding with DB
  4. Create insataller from the visual studio wizard.To create installer follow following steps
  • Right click on your solution file.
  • Select Add -->New Project -->Other Project Types
  • At Right hand you will see Setup-->Select Setup -->Click ok
  • A New project will be added named setup -->with a new tab added to editor as File System
  • Now right click on application folder -->select add -->select folder
  • new folder will be added under application folder * Now Right click on newly added folder -->select add -->select file * Add File dialog will be popup
  • Select your Db file * Select Setup project and build..
  • Now your installer will have your DB.

Hope this will help you..

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but if i install it in another computer, there is a problem with the program...i guesss its the connection string


Just create a simple app.config file.Add database connection string in that file.There are no of articles avaliable to show how to read app.config.Working with app.config is very easy.

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