Hey guys Im doing some testing on a few database conversions from MDB format to accdb. I packged up my files so when the exe was ran it would install MS runtime as well as the databases needed for the app. I was trying to get it so that I wouldnt have to install MS office access on the client machine. I just wanted to run runtime so the client machine can still access the database/ forms. After installing my package i ran the desktop app and it booted up to an error saying a missing DLL was the conflict then it would just crash all together....so i went back to the original database and look of the refrences under VB and saw the DLL, i decided to un-check the DLL and and re run the database and it work, so I re packaged everthing and re-installed and it just instantly crashes now.

so in conclusion. Im wondering if it would just be easier to just install MS office access. Im starting to think that you DO need MS office to even use runtime correctly. if this is the case then i will install office, but i was trying to run the forms to the database so i wouldnt have to get keys or even purchase multiple copies of MS office. any thoughts on this would be excellent or if im doing something wrong with the testing or a step im missing please let me know.

but my conclusion is i need to install MS office access to run MS runtime.


BTW Un-checking the refreance and packageing it back up did solve the missing DLL box that came up, it just goes directly to crashing just wanted to clarify, but when i run the app on a computer with microsoft office access it runs perfectly in runtime

might be a licence issue?

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