Hi there!
I am new to daniweb.com and C++ CLI. I am trying to make a program that will tell the user the text for the ListItem number they type in. The ListItem information is stored in a text file with my custom file formatting, which is:

<~ListItem 1> text.... <~EndOf 1>
<~ListItem 2> text.... <~EndOf 2>

I have been thinking of a strategy for days, but I can't find out anything.
Thank you very much in advanced!

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Well you can read in each line from the file and see if you find a match

Thanks for the reply, but I am not sure how to check if the line ends with <~EndOf (No)>
The psuedo code for what I want to achieve:
File find <~ListItem + " " + no + > + string + <~EndOf + no + >
And replace it with <~ListItem + " " + no + > + newstring + <~EndOf + no + >

Never mind I figured out the solution myself.

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