how do you make a registration system using turbo C++?
like for example:

when i run the program
i will register my username and password and my information(user and pass) will be saved.
So that when i log in. i will just input my user and pass, and i will be able to log in.
ACtually the program I'm making is a video rental store. where the user will rent videos through the program.
But there's supposed to be a registration system for you know.. to become a member.
I'm guessing it has something to do with file handling. but whenever i try reading a text document through turbo C++ it doesn't print the text inside the txt document. Dunno why. I'm still pretty new to this. and I have a deadline until friday. so I need to finish this. lol
Anyway. Thank you! :D

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Correct. File handling is what you need.

In a nutshell,

read a file of name/password pairs.
accept info from user.
search through the file data for a match.

What you need to do is

* sit at a desk, paper and pencil, and NO computer.
* write down all the functionality you need
        list available movies
        all the stuff you need for your store
* write out the order you need things to be done
* start itemizing the steps each item needs, breaking them into 
    smaller and smaller pieces of information until you get it 
    small enough to actually write code.
    ALL the above is NOT done in code. It's done in words, so your 
    younger sister will understand it.
* When you get it broken down into small enough pieces, turn the computer 
    on and start translating that into code

This is a basic technique used for ALL projects.

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#include <stdio.h> 
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