I have a component TM and it ‘s responsibility is divided to A and B. there is another component query client. Between these component there Is an async communication.
I represented the query client and the TM as classes how do I represent the Async communication?

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Your question doesn't really make a whole lot of sense but I'll take a stab at it. You are asking how to represent Async communication, I think. Seeing as C# is an object oriented language, you will need to represent it as an object (a class) as well.


ok, so i have a component UClient and another component TM. between these 2 i have the async communication. so what you are suggesting is to create a calss for the async communiation. but how will the data being sent and received handles via the class

will you be able to point to a tutorial appreciate it



You could use this interface, although I'm not very fond of it. Also, you could look into Threading and do the async stuff yourself.

Are you familiar with multithreading and syncronization techniques (such as mutex's, locking, etc)? Or are you looking to use something that's already made for you?

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