Hey guys....Namastey!!
Am here for your suggestions. I am right now working on a software project which needs to communicate with an custom ECU(Engine/Electronic Control Unit) of a car via a USB-TO-RS232 cable. Before moving ahead i want to be sure, do you think Java is appropriate for such kind of Serial Communication??

A lot of data will be flowing in both the directions. And the main concern is about communication errors. Is java stable enough to provide a proper and accurate way to handle such kind of communication??

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IMHO Java itself is more solid than the OS it runs on, but Java's support for serial comms is very old, and was never very solid in the first place. I did a project years ago to interface with a serial hardware control device (multiple digital I/O lines) and found that establishing communication was a 90% affair, and that it often hung up, requiring a restart, if there were any problems. To be fair, that may have just been my fault, but I don't think my code was that bad.
I would never get in a car that depended on Java serial comms to keep the engine working safely!
Personally I would build a small C DLL to handle the comms protocols and hardware interface, and call that via JNI or whatever. If you design it with that use in mind it should be pretty easy.

C DLL,JNI....fair enough...thnks a lot!!!!
btw you are right...java took off the serial comm support from the windows platform in 2005. after some googleING i came through a package called RXTX.. well it seems like this package might be a good option for me, but i havent tested this package on a large scale so m not completely sure on the reliability of RXTX. Anyways i'll surely take a look at your idea!!!

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