Just wondering if anyone have a good source to read about getting an input from a file.

for example:
rather typing on the command prompt, i prefer to store all my command on .txt file.
and using a single command to read what inside the .txt file and run it.

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yea, ive managed to read the "line" from text file
my problem now is using that "line" to be a command line.


hmmm what im trying to do is.
i store all my command graphic on .txt

     for example:
     forward 45
     rotate 90
     forward 45
     rotate 90

then i want my program to scan the line into a command line.
ive done some functions to do forward and rotate,
i just stuck in main functions.
hope my explanation is not complicated


Not complicated. Just non-informative.

You know what you need to do but we haven't been helping yet. So we have no idea what any of that means. You need to explain your project in enough detail for someone new to understand.

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