Write a C program that roll a single six-sided die 10 times. Produce a random number from 1 through 6 as
shown in the following frequency distribution. (Hint: use an array of counter)

And have you tried to solve this or you just want to be handed the answer? No one will do your homework because:
1. Probably they can spend their time doing something else.
Programmers don't just appear after graduating a highschool or a university, but they do form in that period of time, learning and doing programming. If you want just the answer, you'll never learn anything.
I suggest you take this problem, analyze it on paper, than write a code that suits it. If then you have problems, and come with the part of the code that is giving you headaches, maybe we can help you, but first we need to see that you've tried.
Best luck to solving your problem.
Links: rand

Thanks for your reply. I already have it solved in class but I think it would be nice to get another solution entirely different from what I had in class.

Thanks also for the advise, I really appreciate!

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