i am given this topic array - object oriented programming for report.
i just some of your advise

do i need to discuss OOP? including like inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism ..etc.. or should i discuss only
concepts of arrays definition etc...

any addition to my outline:

definition of arrays
types (single-multi)
elements and subscripts
syntax in c++
examples of use in array in c++


Insufficient information. Were you given nothing else but a vague title for your report?

yes..insufficient... im just given..."Array - Object Oriented Programming" thats why have difficulty on organizing and selecting contents

Then I'd probably go with a description of how arrays work in the presence of object orientation (specifically polymorphism), and practical usage of arrays of objects.

can i use c++ for the demonstration? I made a some of readings online on polymophism but i really dont understand its practical usage...do you have some links for references with simplified examples?

It may be the case that you are desired to report some implementation along the lines of STL vector class. Just saying...

I think you should talk about OOP as well, take some examples that combine array and the features of OOP.

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