Hi all,

I am a beginer in VB.NET :rolleyes: .... now, i am working on a project so as usaul we wonder if we could do something .... etc.

I write the whole application in VB.NET but i observed that i need to write a few line C# code inside it.. can i embeded C# inside VB.NET?in the same .vb file or it is not allowed?!!

If i can do so, can anybody help me how i can do so..

how can i connect my database written in Microsoft Access with my application?!!

I will be Grateful if anyone show me an example of this.. :o

Thanks in advance.

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if you want to add c# code to your vb project try this. add a new c# library project to your vb solution. so then you will have a 2 projects in the solution. then add the c# library to the reference of the vb solution. and now the c# will compile as a dll and the vb exe will use the dll

Hi Plazmo,

Great Idea Thanks for help... i will try it :)

Hi again,

I tried what you said but....

when i add c# library to the reference of the vb solution, which one i use from the .NET tab??

Is it System?!

Thanks in adavce

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